Now you have the power of a Hollywood special effects studio on windows phone.

The app gives you the ability to use an special effect known as Chroma Key or Green Screen in a simple,
fun and quick way. Simply select multiple colors in the viewfinder by tapping the screen and instantly
replace it with a picture of your choice.

Imagine replacing a wall with a scene from space and showing your friends in front of the
International Space Station or changing the view out of your window to show the space shuttle blasting off.

This app is unique as it give you real time chroma key allowing you to make adjustments live and get great results.

The app comes with the following background built in:

o Planet Earth from orbit
o Black hawk helicopters landing
o Clouds (For superman flying shots)
o Explosion
o Mount Everest
o Shuttle Docked at ISS
o View from top of a mountain down onto clouds
o Paris sky scape with Eiffel tower.
o New York from the Empire States Building
o Volcanic eruption
o Shuttle Blasting off
o Statue of Liberty
o Space Nebula
o Tower Bride London

As well as built in pictures you can simply import your own photos from Window Phone and crop and scale them to suit the green screen backdrop.

App Features:
o Real time chroma key showing results in real time!
o 14 in-built effects background pictures
o Use you photos from the camera roll.
o Advanced keying algorithm for final photo result.
o Change the amount of background color replaced live with tolerance slider
o Choose up to 4 different colors/shade to replace with green screen fx.
o Select the capture resolution from anything from 1Mega Pixel to 8 Mega Pixel (depending on phone capability).