Q: I get lots if  noisy pixel and can’t see the background video clearly:

A: For best results use in a well lit environment and use a background with a solid , shadow free color. Don’t forget to play with the tolerance slider & RGB slider to get rid of any naughty pixels.

Q: Viewfinder won’t start or I get crashes.

A: Green screen has been tested on iPhone4 and 3GS make sure you are running the latest officially supported iOS software.

Q: How do I import my own videos as a background

A: Use iTunes, connect your iPhone select the synchronization page, go to the applications tab, scroll down and select Green Screen. Drop your videos into the file list on the right. Next time you start Green Screen the videos will be in the video picker. (if not close & restart green screen).

Q. Video thumb nails are blank for imported videos

A: Close green screen (long press in App task manager) and relaunch , thumb nails will be generated.