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The latest 1.2 fix is now out on the apple store, and fixes the crash on 3gs.

New Fixes in this release:

o Fixed crash on start-up on iPhone with no front camera (3 & 3GS)
o Imported videos can be deleted in settings video list.
o Fixed crash when quickly selecting videos
o Disabled 720p mode for front camera.

If you review with 1 star because of the crash please re-review with this fix!! This will help me to release future FREE updates including offline chroma key mode.

Please review 5 stars to ensure new features!!!


New Update 1.1!

Now available in app store update 1.1!

Includes the following exciting new features that have been requested by you d:

o Now you can select multiple chroma key colors to remove any annoying pixel noise. Just tap on the colors you want to remove in the viewfinder. (3 by default up to a max of 4 colors)
o Use still images from your iPhone gallery!
o Front facing camera now supported! (select in the settings page).
o Upload videos straight to twitter (Twit vid)
o Setting presets ( Best FPS and Best Quality).
o Other bug fixes.

See who has the best Hollywood skills post any links to videos you’ve created in the comments!

Trouble Shooting

Q: I get lots if  noisy pixel and can’t see the background video clearly:

A: For best results use in a well lit environment and use a background with a solid , shadow free color. Don’t forget to play with the tolerance slider & RGB slider to get rid of any naughty pixels.

Q: Viewfinder won’t start or I get crashes.

A: Green screen has been tested on iPhone4 and 3GS make sure you are running the latest officially supported iOS software.

Q: How do I import my own videos as a background

A: Use iTunes, connect your iPhone select the synchronization page, go to the applications tab, scroll down and select Green Screen. Drop your videos into the file list on the right. Next time you start Green Screen the videos will be in the video picker. (if not close & restart green screen).

Q. Video thumb nails are blank for imported videos

A: Close green screen (long press in App task manager) and relaunch , thumb nails will be generated.

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