Now you have the power of a Hollywood special effects studio in your pocket (well, almost!).

Green Screen lets you create special movie effects and instantly share and show off your video creations on Facebook, Dropbox, email and others.

The app gives you the ability to use an effect known as Chroma Key or Green Screen in a simple, fun and quick way.

Simply choose a color in the viewfinder by tapping the screen and instantly replace it with a video of your choice.

Imagine replacing the sky with a scene from space showing a planet spinning or changing the view out of your window into Niagara Falls.

As well as built in videos, you can also import videos of your own. Amaze your friends by appearing in a starring role alongside your favorite movie or pop star. Or show them your holiday to the seven wonders of the world without actually having been there.

The app comes with the following videos built in:

o Group of hot air balloons in flight
o Spectacular water fountain display from Las Vegas
o Tranquil beach with palm tree rustling in the breeze
o Flying through clouds especially for super hero movies!
o View of the earth rotating through space
o Slow motion fire explosion
o Amazing firework show
o Cloudy mountain – amaze your friends with your climbing prowess
o Niagara Falls
o Paris with the Eiffel tower in the background
o A plane taking off from an airport
o Forest Mountain scene
o South Beach Los Angeles with life guard hut

It doesn’t end there – you can import your own movies from the iPhone photo gallery or drop any movie files with iTunes and use them as background in your masterpiece.

App Features:

o 13 in-built effects videos
o Import movie clips from iTunes or use captured videos from iPhone gallery
o Change the amount of background color replaced live with tolerance slider
o Fine turn the chroma key’s red, green, blue values
o Record videos and share them straight to Facebook, Dropbox, email, iPhone gallery
o Highly customizable options including capture resolution, chroma match quality, camera focus mode

Enjoy and amaze your friend and family.

If you need any help or have any comments or request for new ideas for the app post here or mail: